Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Toronto doesn't have one, Montreal doesn't have one, nor does Vancouver

Photo by Barry Wallace
MMHoop Street ~ King CityMM
Most everyone in the village of King City thinks there are four corners at the intersection of King Road and Keele Street.   They are correct of course, but there would be five corners if Hoop Street was located about 20 metres to the west.   At very long time ago, their was a building on the north-east corner of the King Road and Keele Street ( or as they called them then, the 4th Concession and the 14th Sideroad).   But by the mid-1950s the site was cleared and then became the parking lot it is today.   If not for the Hoop St. sign, the roadway would look like a driveway to access the rear of the grocery store.   It curves northeast past the store and parallels the GOTrain track for a couple of hundred metres before dead-ending.  Three or four houses and/or buildings were located along the short street, throughout its long history.   Now, the northeast corner of King City's main intersection is proposed for redevelopment,which would add several stores/businesses alongside the King City Matrketplace.   Presumably, Hoop Street would remain.   Surely, however, the long-range planning by King Township would incorporate this redevelopment proposal as part of a larger planning scheme for the centre of the village.   Whatever the outcome, I hope Hoop Street hangs on.   After all, Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver don't have Hoop Streets.   We do.   Bragging rights?   You bet!
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Barry Wallace

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