Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Signs for the cottage and other interests

                                                                                       Photos by Barry Wallace
The head gardener of the Wallace Estate and I dropped into Black Forest Garden Centre on Sunday afternoon for some potting soil and a couple of plants.   Something new for Black Forest this year is a huge display of charmingly rustic-looking signs for the cottage (see photos above) and dozens and dozens of several others addressing miscellaneous themes.   Some of the signs are quite large and the materials have a wonderfully natural look to them.   The lettering and messages are a cut above the usual cottage signs and should have great appeal.   At least the Black Forest folks hope they do.   Now if we could just have some real spring weather on a continuous basis.
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Barry Wallace  

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  1. Lake time for my daughter seems so busy packing unpacking etc,
    I think I will send your info to her, a reminder take in where you are
    and breath and look!