Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Sacred Heart plaque

Photos by Barry Wallace
The history of Sacred Heart Parish is available in a number of places and I have read about it several times over the years.   The plaque above stands in front of the church on Jane Street, just south of the 16th Sideroad.  For me, I learned something new about Sacred Heart, from the plaque, on Easter Monday.   Sacred Heart began as a mission of St. Patrick's, Schomberg, in 1876.   Visiting pastors celebrated mass for the Catholics of King Township in the McCabe family home at Jane Street and the Green Lane (16th Sideroad).   At the time, the Patrick McCabe farm was close to 240 acres on the northwest corner of Jane and the 16th.   His land was located on one of the highest points in King Township.
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Barry Wallace

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