Friday, January 3, 2020

Do Red and Gray Squirrels interbreed?

 All photos by Barry Wallace

No, they do not interbreed.   They are separate species.  But observers who think they might interbreed should be forgiven their misconceptions.   The squirrel in the photos above is a Red Squirrel, even though it appears to have much gray colour also.   Below are photos of a Red Squirrel (left) and a Gray Squirrel (right).   These two specimens are easy to tell apart, but the furry critter at top could easily confuse some casual observers.   The one at top is also at the larger end of the Red Squirrel size, creating a wee bit more uncertainty.   They're all cute in my opinion.

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Barry Wallace


  1. Very cool never seen one with so much gray. Squirrels are nice until they overwhelm your bird feeding system like they did to me last month. I spent about $250 to resolve the problem with a whole new pole system to keep the squirrels on the ground. The poor Chickadees and Cardinals would wait a while for the squirrel to vacate my feeder which he never did so now he or she cannot get at the feeder any longer, just the seeds on the ground.

  2. I've made a similar arrangement Warren. The squirrels stick mostly to the ground now. Happy new year, my friend.

  3. Happy New Year to you as well Barry. Maybe we will bump into each other one day!

  4. Grey squirrel, looses a big walnut between two fence boards. Its in deep. It tries fishing it out for a moment and then moves on. Red squirrel, comes across the scent, spends two hours chewing and ripping at the wood until the nut is free. I respect the work ethic of red squirrels.