Friday, January 17, 2020

Hawk-Owl continues to publicize Schomberg...

                                                                                             Photo by Geoff Simpson
Pictured above is the much photographed Northern Hawk Owl that has been visiting Schomberg's Dufferin Marsh throughout January.   In this photo it has made its way to one of the village's Main Steet banners.  Perhaps the village should declare the Northern Hawk Owl as Schomberg's official bird?
Please comment if you wish.
Barry Wallace


  1. Quite spectacular to see such a magnificent creature in an urban environment. I remember once seeing a Great Gray Owl outside of Bobcaygeon in the midst of a particularly harsh winter.

  2. I wonder if it is feasting on all the rodents & rabbits we have in this mild winter? All the animals scurrying about look plump.

    1. The Hawk Owl preys on rodents mostly in the winter, then on grouse ptarmigan and other birds in summer. I dare say it could probably bring down a rabbit (Cottontail) also.