Saturday, January 11, 2020

Historic King City landmark to be razed...

 Photos by Barry Wallace
The one-time King City Disciple Church, on Keele Street North in King City, has been shuttered and appears to be close to demolition.   The lower photo above shows a surveyor working on the property that is proposed to be a multi-unit housing development.

Following is how Elizabeth McClure Gillham describes the old church in her 1975 historical compendium of King Township.
"Disciple Church.  According to the map of the village of King, 1878, the Disciple Church was located on Fourth Street (now Keele Street), north of King Sideroad.    It appears to have been built in 1871, on lot 7, west half, concession 3, then the property of Gabriel Wells, and it is recorded that a meeting regarding the building of a school (now the Presbyterian Church) across the road was held in the church.   According to an article written by the late Alice A. Ferguson, Wells built the church, but no record of the service held there was available.   Some time later is was moved about 30 rods south, and in 1975 was the attractive home of Mr. and Mrs. Laurence Scott."   The Scott family occupied the structure for several decades.
Another wee bit of King's history is to become a shadowy memory.   So be it.

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Barry Wallace

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