Thursday, October 2, 2014

A forgotten corner of King

                                                                                                                                           Photos by Barry Wallace
Female White-tailed Deer in the Humber River valley
The south-west corner of King Township, which adjoins the Town of Bolton, is largely under the control of the Toronto Region Conservation Authority.   For many years now, many people have anticipated the development of a nature trail following the main Humber River, between Kleinburg and Bolton, under the auspices of the Humber Valley Heritage Trail Association.   I talked to an old friend recently who was involved for many years in the Bolton Chapter of the HVHTA and my friend feels plans for a connecting link between Bolton and Kleinburg are no more imminent than they have been for many years.   Disagreement  between the TRCA and HVHTA over the routing of a trail has led to an impasse.   Meanwhile, King Township's small section of the Humber River valley remains virtually pristine.   Maybe that's as it should be...left to the wild animals, like the deer in photo above, the birds and the creatures in the river.

Humber River ~ beyond the trees...Bolton

Humber River ~ beyond the horizon...Nobleton

Lone massive maple in a goldenrod field

Graffitti on bridge over river jolts the natural setting

Bad news
No walker, no hiker, no birdwatcher nor other naturalist wants to see a sign like this.   This 'Trail Closed' notice is attached to the Humber Valley Heritage Trail Association sign on the west side of the Caledon-King Townline South.   I do not know what the hazardous conditions are that have closed the trail through this part of Bolton. Perhaps it's flood conditions in the winter and spring, or perhaps deadfall trees or riverbank erosion.   I suppose if an existing part of the Humber River valley trail is closed the likelihood of a new portion being developed in King is remote.

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Barry Wallace 

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  1. must say you have taken so many beautiful pictures this season
    Interestng re closure, hope it won't be long before it opens again,
    lovely deer looked quite. omfortable grazing.