Saturday, October 25, 2014

En plein air painting by Phil the Forecaster

 Paintings by Phil Chadwick
Here is another new painting by former King Township resident Phil Chadwick.   This 'en plein air' painting is only 5" x 7" (see photo below) but up close the final rendering presents a strong colourful image of an Ontario lakeside, entitled Buzzard Lake Sunset Shore.

Following are Phil's online comments about the painting seen above...

"The line of showers and thunderstorms has passed Buzzard Lake allowing the sunset to illuminate the eastern shore opposite camp site 423.   The lighting is magic for just a short time period and I wanted to illustrate capturing those colours in plein air.   The camera cannot do justice to the brilliance and intensity of these very transient colours.   Oils on burnt sienna oil tinted foundation panel - a small (5x7) slippery surface!"

Phil 'the Forecaster' Chadwick, in addition to being a former King Township resident, is a nuclear physicist turned meteorologist who has always been an artist.   See more about this gentleman and his art at

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