Monday, October 6, 2014

David Suzuki's Blue Dot Tour in Richmond Hill

David Suzuki
The Richmond Hill Centre for the Performing Arts was the venue this past Thursday evening for The David Suzuki Blue Dot Tour.   Among the Blue Dot Tour's many goals is the right to a healthy environment being made part of Canada's Charter of Rights and Freedoms.   The event is well reported locally and nationally and it is not for me to intrude on their coverage.   But I will mention that as my wife Linda and I sat in our seats in the audience, David made the point that more than 70% of our huge world is covered with water, to an average depth of 4,000 metres.   He then held up up a plastic bottle of water that he had been refreshing himself with and demanded to know "Since when does a bottle of water cost $3.00?"   I looked down at a similar bottle of water that I was holding.   Like Dr. Suzuki, I too had paid $3.00 for a plastic bottle of water that was labelled pure spring water from Iceland.   My wife and I did not see a drinking water fountain anywhere.   I recalled for a moment that gasoline cost under $1.30/litre late this past week and a bottle of beer cost under $1.40   Migawd, how had we come to this point, I thought.   Linda and I were quite impressed by all the evening's presenters and entertainers and we were especially inspired by David Suzuki's message of hope about the future of our planet.   Learn more by checking out  

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