Saturday, October 18, 2014

Remote 'drive-thru' for new Bank of Montreal

Photo by Barry Wallace
Just when I was beginning to think the new Bank of Montreal in the King Ridge Marketplace would not have 'drive-thru' banking, the structure pictured above popped up this week.   It is a BMO remote 'drive-thru' banking unit, located approximately 100 metres north of the new Bank of Montreal unit (blue facade) seen at the right side of the picture.   The new bank location is opening on Monday, October 27.   I had been thinking for several weeks that the BMO did not have  a 'drive-thru' unit in its plans, as no provisions seemed to be included in the newly constructed main building.   Meanwhile, the BMO's next-door competitor, the Bank of Nova Scotia was already operating its 'drive-thru' service on the east side of its new location.   So now 'drive-thru' banking will be a feature of both banks.   The new BMO unit has a dedicated driving lane in part of the new parking area where its new 'drive-thru' unit is located. 

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Barry Wallace   

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