Monday, October 27, 2014

The new Goldie Feldman Nature Reserve opens in Happy Valley Forest Natural Area

 Photos by Barry Wallace
Wednesday, October 22 marked the official opening of the Goldie Feldman Nature Reserve and hiking trail, in the Happy Valley Forest, on the King Ridge.   The property is located on the 17th Sideroad of King Township, a few hundred metres west of the 6th Concession (Weston Road).   The event was hosted by the Ontario Region of the Nature Conservancy of Canada.   I did not learn of the trail opening in time to attend, but I walked the trail a few days later and some of what I saw is pictured below.   The entrance sign to the property advises that pedestrian access is permitted and the phone number for more info is 1-866-281-5331.   The entrance is on the south side of the 17th at #4093.

A few vehicles can park at the main entrance or on the 17th Sideroad.

Steps leading to the trailhead

Informal and rustic seating for groups

Local residents and their dog on the main trail

The natural highlight of the Goldie Feldman Reserve has to be the trees.   Many eastern forest species of trees are represented.   There are impressive specimens of Maples, Oaks, Ash, Beech, Basswood, Birch, Aspen, Hemlock and Pine.   All of these species show many examples at the top end of their normal height range (trees up to 70 and 80' ) and a few specimens are even exceptionally taller, in the 100'+ range.

History buffs might be interested to know that the 1860 George Tremaine map of King Township shows the the Goldie Feldman Nature Reserve property being owned by Edward Pease.   Mr. Pease owned the 100 acres on the south-west corner of the 6th Concession and the 17th Sideroad.   On the north-east corner of the same intersection, 200 acres were owned by Septimus Tyrwhitt, the founder of Kettleby.

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Barry Wallace

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