Friday, October 10, 2014

Another equestrian centre for King

Photo by Barry Wallace
Valhalla Equestrian Centre
I like to think I get around King pretty well and know what's going on...more or less.   But the place above completely took me by surprise.   I go up and down Jane Street fairly regularly, but I didn't notice what you see above until today.   Three huge barns seemed to have popped up overnight.   The sign at the entrance says Valhalla Equestrian Centre and that it is being built by Dutch Masters Design & Construction Services Ltd., a company in Barrie which states that it is the only exclusive builder of horse barns and facilities in Ontario.   Meanwhile, if one goes online, one will come across a Valhalla Equestrian Centre in South Carolina.   I presume there is a connection.   We shall see.

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Barry Wallace

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