Sunday, September 23, 2012

Chilly morning on the King Ridge

Photo and doggerel by Barry Wallace
Three Turkey Vultures
Sitting on a fence
We'd all head south
If we had any sense

This blog entry was originally seen on my BarrytheBirder blogspot a few days ago.   I thought it was also appropriate for my camera on King blogspot seeing how I took the picture in King Township's rolling landscape.   The setting is the old Gillies farm on the 6th Concession, at the 16th Sideroad.   For those of you who are already aware that I write two daily blogs, then you may have already seen this entry.   For anyone who is not aware of my birding blog, you can reach it easily by just going to Google and typing in barrythebirder or otherwise going to
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  1. getting all three birds with open wings at the same time! What a beautiful shot.