Friday, February 15, 2013

Clearview Motors ~ 1959 ~ Jaguars

The photo above shows King City's Clearview Motors in December of 1959.   The occasion was the Ontario Jaguar Owners Association's Julius Caesar Night Navex overnight car rally.   Clearview was the staring point for the rally and the event was organized by local businessman and King City resident, Gerald Gamble.   Clearview Motors was started by Ken McQuarrie 59 years ago, in 1954.   I was 18 years old and Gerald Gamble was my next-door neighbour.   He invited me to be the navigator of his Jaguar in this rally.   I had no idea what I was doing, but learned quickly,   It was a long, cold, and hazardous event.   Despite the uncomfortable introduction to rallying, I was hooked.   Over the next couple of years, I was a rally navigator for King City resident John Dew Jr. in his Austin-Healey Sprite.   I soon-after owned an Austin-Healey Sprite myself, but never drove it in a rally.   At the top of the photo, on the right is the Isaac McBride house which dates back to at least 1860, and stands to this day. Meanwhile, Clearview will soon celebrate its 60th anniversary.   Three generations of Macquarries, Ken, his son Wayne, and Wayne's sons have all pumped gas into my numerous cars over the years, none of which was a Jaguar.   But you never know.   maybe that's why I keep buying lottery tickets.
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Barry Wallace         

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  1. Great shot. I love that house on the's wonderful to see what it looked like in a better state.