Sunday, April 21, 2013

More photos from King 'old boy' Dave Hunter

Dave Hunter of Parry Sound and one-time resident of King City has been re-discovering photos of people and places, from old family photo albums, and has shared some of those photos with me, some of which I  published here earlier this year.   Above are two more photos I just received from Dave.   The top photo shows the King City Public School (S.S. No. 2) which was established in 1873, on the west side of Keele Street in the north end of the village, overlooking the East Humber River.   I do not know when the picture was taken but am guessing it goes back to around 1900.   A hundred years later, the building has been transformed into the King City Presbyterian Church.   There are date-stones embedded in one of the present-day walls says 1873 and 1951, but  I'm not sure how many school buildings and/or additions were actually built on the site.
The lower photograph is much more familiar.   It is a shot of the King City Railway Station, taken early in the 20th century and has been displayed and published in many places over the years.   The first train to run through King City (Springhill) did so in 1853.   The railway company was the  Ontario, Simcoe & Huron Railway Company, later nicknamed the 'Oats, Straw & Hay Railroad'.   Thanks for sharing your photos, Dave.
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Barry Wallace

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