Monday, May 18, 2015

New at Black Forest Garden Centre - fresh eggs

Photos by Barry Wallace
A rooster and 10 laying hens are now residents of Black Forest Garden Centre (Keele St., north of the 17th) and the demand for their fresh eggs is so great that 10 more hens are soon to be added to the flock to meet the demand.   Meanwhile the space devoted to plants and flowers has been expanded (below), as well as the space devoted to garden furnishings and decorations, plus a wonderful new collection of signs (see at bottom). 

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Barry Wallace


  1. Must go there it would be good to get fresh eggs,those chickens look happy campers
    trotting around the garden.

  2. Hey Barry An old Cordite fellow has turned up on my blog. LJ

  3. We visited this gorgeous rooster and his hens yesterday.