Friday, January 1, 2016

Squirrels finally baffled

Photos by Barry Wallace
After years of trying to thwart the squirrels from maurading the bird feeders in the backyard, I believe I have finally succeeded.   I saw some driveway markers with red reflectors at the hardware store.   They seemed to be thin and had great flexibility and strength.   I removed the reflectors and clamped the poles to the existing bird feeder pole and filled the two cup feeders with seed.   The small birds like the sparrows, goldfinches, juncos, nuthatches and chickadees took over immediately.   After a day or two, the cardinals were getting the hang of the swaying motion.   The squirrels however were stymied. they are much to heavy to negotiate the thin, whippy rods.   I have yet to see a blue jay or a grackle try to land on a feeder.   They may be too heavy and awkward to get a footing, like the squirrels.   Hopefully the smaller birds will get more of the seeds to eat and I may not have to spend as much for seed during the remainder of the winter.
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Barry Wallace


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  2. What a super invention, birds can feed in peace!