Saturday, November 5, 2016

Three favourite family history photos

Here are three of my favourite family history photos.   As it happens, they are all from my wife's side of the family.   At top is Bertha Wells, who early in the 1900s became a nurse and traveled the Manitoba prairies practicing her calling.   I love the young niece dressed up in her auntie's nursing gear.
In the 2nd photo, on the left, is John Scott. a great, great uncle of my wife, Linda.   John lived on a farm at Mary Lake, now home to the Augustinian Monastery, north of King City.   He was accidentally blinded in one eye when he was 10 years old.   While recuperating, he swam in Mary Lake and contracted an infection in both of his eyes.   As a result, he became blind in both eyes.   As a young man, he was befriended by an itinerant preacher, David Moore, who became a lodger with the Scott family.   He and John became fast friends for 60 years, but never saw each other.
In the 3rd photo is another great, great uncle of my wife, who settled on the Manitoba prairies in the late 1800s.   Until I saw this photo, it never occurred to me that settlers rode bicycles on the prairies.

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Barry Wallace

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