Thursday, October 5, 2017

Powered Lloydtown's mill ~ early 1830s to 1902

Photo by Barry Wallace
Looking north at Schomberg River
from Centre Street Bridge in Lloydtown

I guess my question is was the Schomberg River first called the Lloydtown River in the early 1800s, when the hamlet was larger than Schomberg and before Schomberg had a mill of its own.   Also, when did the Schomberg River become the West Holland River?

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Barry Wallace


  1. Where your photo was taken was called "Tail Race", that being the portion of the river downstream from the mill. Upstream of the mill would be the "head race", or in the case of Lloydtown, "Water Race. You can see the names on this old map of Lloydtown.

  2. Funny I never realized that there is still the village of Lloydtown.

    I opened the old map and compared it to the Google Maps Satellite view and there was much more water back then than there is now.

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