Monday, November 6, 2017

Upon Kingsbridge's long path ~ Jane Street

Photos by Barry Wallace
The pastorality of Kingsbridge Conference Centre

The Sun tries to penetrate the autumn leaf cover 

East Humber River runs over rocky dam

Woodland waypoint

Hiding in the river valley's forest

Remnants of an old river crossing

Steep banks down to the silent river

Sign beside the path

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Barry Wallace


  1. In the summer 2016 our family was planning our dads memorial service. Finding accommodations for a large number of out of town guests was a challenge. Anyone in King who has had to do this would agree that the motels in Aurora and Oak Ridges really don't give a good impression of the area. My sisters looked into Kingsbridge and immediately started making reservations. Summertime is Kingsbridge off season so the rates were very affordable. The walking trails,rooms,service and meals were great . I got the sense that their main source of business is catering to conferences and don't really advertise as a hotel to the general public. Looking at the photos, you wouldn't know you were 1/2hour from downtown Toronto.This place is one of Kings best kept secrets .

  2. I agree completely with your impressions, Robert. Kingsbridge is one of the natural jewels of King. I'm sure you and I are not the only ones who are so impressed with this community treasure.