Monday, April 8, 2019

My sister Diane's deer...

                                                                                               Photos by Diane Wallace
My younger sister, Diane Wallace, recently moved to Halifax and is living in a third-floor apartment with a balcony that overlooks a close, well-treed valley.   There are deer in the trees below her balcony and she has taken photos of them, but they were not the close-ups she would have preferred.   

Spotting them again recently, she took her camera and went down and encountered the beautiful creatures up close.   They flinched at her presence and she thought they were going to run off.  But they didn't.   In fact, they approached her and she got the two pictures you see here.  

Longtime residents here know the deer very well and the deer are accustomed to the residents.   Diane has told me a story about how a  group of tenants knew that a pregnant doe was about to give birth.

A large group of them went out behind the apartment building, and beneath the trees watched the doe give birth to a fawn.   How delightful.

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Barry Wallace