Friday, May 24, 2019

Orioles here to stay?

                                                                                                         Photo by Barry Wallace
I hate to jinx us but Linda and I think we may have a few Baltimore Orioles about to take up residence in our backyard.   It's never happened before in our more than thirty years on Forde Crescent in King City.   Our old nearby friend and neighbour, Shirley Ormsby, played host to orioles in her backyard for decades, but moved away to Schomberg a couple of years ago and passed away recently.   Linda and I have tried to encourage orioles for a long time, but were never able to lure any away from Shirley's large treed backyard.   But now over the past two weeks we have had as many as five male and four female Baltimore Orioles visiting the feeders.  We don't want to count our chickens (make that orioles) before they hatch, but this could be the big year!
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Barry Wallace

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