Friday, June 5, 2020

Jamie the cat...

Photo by the cat's slave
Jamie is the master of the house in my home in King City.   His mistress, my dear wife, Linda, passed away last November.   That means I have moved up from being third in the pecking order to position number two.  My official title, however, is still 'cat's slave', and I wait on him hand-and-foot.   Linda made sure I knew everything about Jamie's needs before cancer took her.   I believe Jamie is amazed that I seem to anticipate his every need.   Being a widower for more than six months now, and being cooped up due to Covid 19, It's kind of quiet around here.   Jamie is lying beside my computer as I type this blog and when I've finished writing, he will lead me to my bedroom and jump into bed with me.   Thank goodness for that.
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Barry Wallace 

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