Saturday, June 19, 2021

Decoration Day still noted in King cemeteries...


Photos by Barry Wallace
Decoration Day in Canada dates from June 2, 1890, and it is an unofficial holiday that recognizes veterans of our country's military.   Over the past 131 years it has been eclipsed, for the most part, by Remembrance Day, also known as Armistice Day.   It originally was established  as a protest in support of the veterans of the Battle of Ridgeway who fought against the Irish and Americans in the Fenian Raids between 1866 and 1871.   On the anniversary of the battle, they gathered near the Canadian Volunteers Monument in Toronto and placed wreathes there.   Over the following years, the Canadian involvement was marked by tens of thousands of attendees to watch  a Remembrance parade.   Decoration day became an annual event near to June 2.   Participants also included veterans from the North-west Rebellion, the Boer War and World War I.   Decoration Day declined after the creation of Remembrance Day, the anniversary of the November 1, 1918 Armistice that ended the First World War.   And yet, in the 21st century, the Canadian Decoration Day is marked in early June each year, by floral tributes at cemeteries all over Canada.   The pictures shown here were photographed at cemeteries in Kettleby, King City and Schomberg.   The photo at top and the three following below were taken at Kettleby Cemetery.

The following photos were taken at Schomberg Cemetery.

The following pictures were taken at 
King City Cemetery


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