Monday, March 13, 2023

Historic Aurora homes to be designated...

The Council of The Corporation of the Town of Aurora intends to designate 30 individual properties for their Cultural Heritage Value or Interest pursuant to the provisions of Section 29 of the Ontario Heritage Act, which was resolved by the Council of the Corporation of the Town of Aurora on June 21, 2022. 

Pictured below are five of the thirty properties selected.   All thirty of the designated properties were published in a Town of Aurora advertisement in the Auroran newspaper on Feb. 9, 2023.

73 Wellington Street East
South side of Wellington Street East between Victoria Street and Wells Street.
Early Georgian dwelling constructed c.1885 for Joh Mosley - the original
plan-maker for the southeast Old Aurora community area.

St. Andrew's College
West side of Yonge Street between Orchards Heights Boulevard
and St. John's Sideroad
One of two properties that are rather singular in this collection is St. Andrew's College, on Yonge Street North in Aurora.   The college was founded 1899 and moved to Aurora in 1926.   The Georgian-style, 126 acre campus has more than 650 boys with 360+ day students and 260 boarders, representing Canada and 30 other countries.

Happy Woodlawn Pet Cemetery
North Side of Butternut Ridge Trail 
The other exceptional property in this list is located northwest of Butternut Ridge Trail, on the west side of Yonge Street, opposite the Aurora Cemetery.   It was founded by veterinarians Victor Blochin and Ann Wilson  in 1933.   It reported to be Canada's first bonafide pet cemetery with over 800 burial plots and gravestones and monuments.   It is currently private property.

50 Tyler Street
North side of Tyler Street, west of Mill Street and east of George Street
Queen Anne style dwelling constructed c.1913 and home of 
Albert Conover - a local speculator.   Parcel part of the
original land granted to William Tyler in 1805.

16 Reuben Street
North side of Reuben Street west of Yonge Street
Victorian dwelling constructed c.1883 
for the Kennedy family - early village settlers.
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Barry Wallace


  1. Barry do you have any knowledge of someone who is familiar with the William Cairns (born1818) family history?

    1. Hi Brian. I have a 6-page chapter on the Cairns family in my family history book. I'd be glad to send you copy of that chapter if you would like. Give me a postal or email address and I'll send it along.
      Regards, Barry

    2. Thanks so much Barry. is my email. My Great great great grandfather was John Cairns born in 1799 who had a farm on lot 13 concession 10-just to the East of Cold Creek conservation.