Friday, February 24, 2012

Parking problems plague GO Train passengers

Photos by Barry Wallace
This is the new bicycle shelter at the GO Transit Station in King City.   Not surprisingly, for this time of year, there is only one bicycle in the racks.   Even if the racks were completely full, it would do little to alleviate the huge, chronic parking problem at King City's south end.   Every day, parking regulations enforcement personnel issue tickets to offenders, many of whom seem to regard the tickets as just an additional cost of transit to Toronto.   All sorts of proposals are being made as solutions, including remote parking lots with shuttle connections to the station.   I have to wonder why no mention has been made of extending the existing parking lots to the swamplands to the south, even by expropriation, if need be.   Below are three views of the normally full lots.


The two vehicles pictured here, in the foreground, were obvious offenders and were quickly ticketed by a parking enforcement officer while I was there.   Several others were dealt with in a similar fashion.
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Barry Wallace

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