Monday, February 6, 2012

Changes to the King Sideroad?

Photo by Barry Wallace

The Region of York has recently expressed an interest in studying the feasibility of redesigning and reconstructing parts of the King Sideroad, between the village of Nobleton and Hwy. 400.   The scene above looks west and shows the intersection of the King Sideroad and the 7th Concession.   I have always found this view attractive, either from the east or the west.   I like the hills, the valley, the sweeping curves of the road, and the small Humber River tributary that slips diagonally beneath the intersection.   Sadly, this section of road has been the scene of many tragic accidents over the years and there are those who would say design improvements are long overdue.   Infrastructure costs will probably push this project well into the future, so I shall likely enjoy this scene for quite some time to come.   Now, if we all just drove a tad slower and a wee bit more alertly, we could all enjoy this picturesque stretch of roadway with carefree pleasure.
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Barry Wallace

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