Saturday, February 4, 2012

Laskay Links?

Photo by Barry Wallace
Is the historic and bucolic King Township hamlet of Laskay about to have a golf links built on its south-western flank (pictured above)?   Yes, if Westlin Farms Inc. is successful with a proposal to amend the York Region Official Plan.   An official notice of Westlin's intent was published in the February 2nd, 2012, edition of the The Aurora Banner.   Interestingly, the notice did not appear in this week's editions of the King Weekly or the King Sentinel, both of which are arguably more local than The Banner.   Westlin Farms Inc. wants to redesignate approximately 128 acres of land from "Agricultural Policy Area" to "Rural Policy Area", which would clear the way for the construction of a private golf course, within a stone's throw of the East Humber River and a small, quiet village with historical significance.   This proposal, if successful, could be a game-changer for one of King Township's oldest historic communities.   This proposal will attract significant attention.   One can only hope it will be given equally significant consideration, not just for the property owners, but for the collective sensibilities of the entire township.
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Barry Wallace

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