Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Eaton Hall ~ then and now

Cairns Photo Collection
Eaton Hall ~ south face ~  c. 1940

Photo by Barry Wallace
Eaton Hall ~ south face ~ 2012

Eaton Hall, on Dufferin Street at Eversley, in King Township, was once the country estate of the department-store Eaton family.   70 years or so after it was built, and now owned by Seneca College, it still looks very much as it did all those decades ago.   Apart from the awnings over the upper windows at the rear of Eaton Hall, the main difference is the enclosure of the  large rear terrace with a wall of glass windows.   Eaton Hall is now used as an inn and conference centre and a staffer recently described the glassed-in terrace as a "the solarium".   I have been in that space several times over the years and knew it as a lounge where I enjoyed a glass of wine with friends and colleagues.   The view, down over the lawns and across Lake Seneca (formerly Lake Jonda), is lovely, especially in summer and fall.   Pictured below is yours truly in front of the massive, outdoor fireplace /barbecue that was constructed long ago in the woods, a hundred metres or so north of Eaton Hall.    
Photo by Linda Wallace
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Barry Wallace

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