Sunday, February 12, 2012

Toronto winters - early 20th century

Toronto Bay ice boats ~ 1920

My cousin Beverley, from Bolton, sent me an email with 36 photos of Toronto winter scenes in the early 1900s.   The photos are from the City of Toronto Archives and certainly present a noticeable contrast to the winter we are experiencing in the Greater Toronto Area this year.   Some people regard these winter photos as being much more valuable than summer scenes, because there are so many fewer of them, in the archives, compared to the summer ones.   I have included 11 of the shots in this blog.

Glen Road bus ~ 1923
Casa Loma ~ 1936
Apparently a huge toboggan at Christie Pits ~ 1909
12 horse team pulling snow sweeper, circa 1890s
High Park toboggan runs ~ 1914
A propellar sled ~ Toronto Bay ~ 1912
Parking at the Old City Hall quadrangle ~ 1910 
Snowstorm on Richmond Street ~ 1929
Sleighing at Queen's Park ~ 1906
Bloor Viaduct under construction ~ 1917

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Barry Wallace

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  1. Just wonderful to look at these photos. Thank you. Nick