Monday, February 27, 2012

Sir Henry's barn slowly slips away

Photos by Barry Wallace

Broken windows, doors ajar, bricks crumbling ..... the great barn at Marylake slowly crumbles into disrepair.   It was once the pride of Sir Henry Pellatt, of Casa Loma fame, and the centrepiece of his summer retreat and hunting lodge, just north of King City.   He purchased the land 100 years ago and in short order created a magnificent country estate that even featured its own railway spur line.   Sadly, by 1935, it had all come to a sorry end for Sir Henry.   Marylake was sold and the land became the Marylake Augustinian Monastery and later Our Lady of Grace Shrine.   While religious pursuits still thrive at Marylake, agricultural activity has undergone change, and has left the grand farm buildings empty.

Even though it sits in the shadow of a shrine, the great barn at Marylake seems a poor candidate for salvation.   It begs for a miracle, at this stage.  
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Barry Wallace

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  1. What fantastic photos. Thank you for sharing them. I've never seen a barn quite like that! Shame that it's in the shape it's in.

    I've driven by the site many times, but only recently learned that it was connected to the Pellatts.