Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Dog training at Cold Creek

Photos by Barry Wallace

Dennis Ritchie and his daughter, Jennifer, spent part of a beautiful, sunny day on Monday, at Cold Creek Conservation Area, on the 11th Concession of King Township, putting their retriever dogs through their paces.
Jennifer's 3-year-old, brown retriever, Oh Henry, is new to the retrieving game but he was trying very hard to please his mistress.   The members of the York Retriever Field Trial Club work their dogs at Cold Creek year around but it's probably fair to say that few of them can remember a February like this for dog training. 

Dennis Ritchie is a long-time member of the York Retriever Field Trial Club and has also been a member of the Cold Creek Stewardship Committee for many years.   He is currently the owner of just one dog: Melissa.   Melissa is only 2 years old but is well on her way to becoming a top-notch competitive retriever.   Visitors to Cold Creek Conservation Area are likely to see retriever training at any time and are encouraged to to stop and observe the activities.  The only prerequisite is to stand back from the area of activity to avoid being a distraction.

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Barry Wallace   

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