Friday, February 10, 2012

Non-wintery look of Humber Trails

Photos by Barry Wallace

The East Humber River at Humber Trails Forest & Wildlife Area is open from bank to bank, during the remarkably mild winter we are experiencing.   The conservation area is on the western flank of the  hamlet of King Creek, south-east of the village of Nobleton.   The photo at top shows the only footbridge over the river at Humber Trails and immediately beside it is a natural bridge in the form of a fallen tree.   I have crossed by both methods but the tree route is highly non-recommended, especially in winter.    The photo immediately above was taken a short distance from the bridge, along one of the trails.   The fallen, moss-covered willow and the massive standing willows, with the bulbous, mossy lower trunks, give a winter-time hint of the magical notion they convey to children, in the summer when surrounded by huge ferns, that this is perhaps a place to spot a fairy or elf.
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Barry Wallace  

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