Saturday, February 18, 2012

New railway pedestrian underpass

Photos by Barry Wallace
A new pedestrian underpass has been constructed beneath the CNR/GoTrain tracks in King City.   It is located just beyond the north-east corner of the senior public school's playing fields and adjacent to a new retention pond and new houses in one of King City's many new subdivisions.   The lighting for the underpass is provided by both solar panels and small wind turbines located on both the north and south sides of the tracks.   The underpass and its footpath will connect the new subdivision with Dennison Street, north of the tracks.   Meanwhile, the building of homes in the new subdivision (see photo below) has continued non-stop all winter.   The second photo below shows the new subdivision's proximity to the main branch of the King Township Library.   The view is from the front of King City Secondary School.   Many new patrons for the library for be no more than a stone's throw from the library's many offerings.
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Barry Wallace

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