Saturday, March 31, 2012

Cold Creek's pace of change is steady

Photos by Barry Wallace
The old driving shed at the rear of the historic Cairns Family barn has a new roof which makes the entire, combined structure rain-proof.   It is one of the most recent efforts by the Township of King to give new life to the Cold Creek Conservation Area, which it now operates on behalf of the Toronto Region Conservation Authority.   One of the most welcome changes for many people is the fact that Cold Creek is now open each day from Monday to Friday, from 8.30 to 4.30, whereas in the recent past the main gate was always closed and many visitors were deterred by the long trek to enjoy features such as the wonderful bog and boardwalk.   Visitors on Saturdays and Sundays must still park outside the main gate and walk in.

The area behind the Cairns barn has been a busy spot recently as the Township of King Parks and Recreation folks have producing great amounts of firewood.   The intention was to a have a good supply on hand for the spring Maple Syrup festival.   As it turned out there was much more than enough as the maple syrup season was early, as well as short and sweet.   Next year's supply is already cut and stacked (see photo below).

The barn pond at Cold Creek already has a resident pair of Canada Geese in place.   The male, pictured above, gave this photographer quite an earful for his trouble, but everyone's feathers were unruffled in the end.   Each visit to Cold Creek these days is a treat as one sees the changes that the Township of King is making.   Old diehards, like yours truly, may wistfully recall a more pristine time at Cold Creek, but there is no denying the importance of welcoming new visitors, particularly a new generation of children: tomorrow's guardians of the natural environment.
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Barry Wallace

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