Friday, March 30, 2012

Mucking about in the Marsh

Photos by Barry Wallace
Relocating of the canal system in the Holland Marsh has entered a new season and the pace of activity has picked up in several locations in King Township and Bradford West Gwillimbury.   The machine above does an utterly awesome job of slashing and ripping everything in its path, with wood chips flying far and wide.   Below, other specialized equipment operates in a unique fashion to ensure the newly positioned canal is free and clear of left-over debris. 


Once the canal has been relocated further away from the 'Marsh' roads, and the old empty canal has been back-filled, road safety will be greatly enhanced.   Motorists should no longer accidently end up in the canal waters.   It will take a deliberate and determined effort to reach the water now, in your vehicle.
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Barry Wallace 

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