Tuesday, March 13, 2012

More activity at Cold Creek CA

Photos by Barry Wallace
Mary Asselstine, of the King Township Parks and Recreation Department, is busy this week demonstrating the making of maple syrup at the Cold Creek Conservation Area's Education Centre, on the 11th concession of King, north of the 15th sideroad.   Sap has been running early this year because of the mild spring.   The maple syrup education program runs each week day until March 16, followed by the Maple Syrup Festival on March 24.   Elsewhere at Cold Creek, returning robins are numerous (below left) and beavers are busy getting a jump on the harvesting of delicious young tree limbs by downing many large softwood trees (right) along the Cold Creek tributaries.

I am visiting Cold Creek almost daily now because I am very curious to see how early the Bluebirds will return to the conservation area.   This winter has been remarkably open and the likelihood of an early return by Bluebirds is high, as a result.   It gives the birds a jump on nesting sites but can be perilous if March chooses to go "...out like a lion".
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Barry Wallace 

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