Thursday, March 29, 2012

Weston Road (Concession 6) landmarks

Photos by Barry Wallace
Thanks to Daniel McConnachie for drawing to my attention the existence of the old Schomberg & Aurora Railway (S&AR) transformer building on the west side of Weston Road, a few hundred metres north of the Aurora Sideroad and adjacent to the southern boundary of Carrying Place Golf Club.   I published a blog on February 17th of this year about the old S&AR and included some photos of its former route.   What I did not know was that one of the old S&AR's most prominent and attractive remnants was the structure you see pictured above.   Daniel McConnachie has invited me to learn more about the old steam/electric railway and I plan to follow-up with him to do just that.   Meanwhile, there are some other Weston Road landmarks pictured below.

I think it's fair to say that there is not another gateway in all of King Township to compare with the one pictured above on the west side of Weston Road, a couple of hundred metres south of the 18th Sideroad.   It impresses on many counts: design, style, size, artistry and size.   This grand effort became a King landmark the day it was erected.

Further south on the west side of Weston Road, between the 16th and 17th Sideroads are two log cabins, one on the north side of the King Ridge, pictured above, and the other on the south side of the King Ridge, pictured below.   Both are small and unpretentious but exude their own charm.   The one below (with the cute dormer roof) becomes harder to see as leaf cover emerges and it is set back from the road by several metres.

Last, but not least, in this brief selection of Weston Road landmarks, in King Township, is the old St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, just north of the hamlet of Strange, between the King Sideroad and 15th Sideroad, and also on the west side of the road.   The old church has been in private ownership since 1958 and readily shows the care and respect it has received from its owners.   The original log St. Andrew's Church was built in 1837 and was replaced with this stone structure in 1860.
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Barry Wallace


  1. I've always wondered about those gates - very impressive! And for the log homes, I think the one with the red door is the one set into Dragon Fly Hill - which also has a very impressive entrance.

  2. I think King Township may have a lock on rural municipalities in Canada with the most numerous private grand gateways. BW

  3. Great shot of the S&A substation! I've joined your blog Barry as it has many interesting KIng Township items. Cheers.