Friday, March 9, 2012

Pine Farms Orchard

I never get tired of taking pictures at Pine Farms Orchard or sitting beside that big, warm, wood-burning Renfrew stove, while a pleasant, young lady like Chloe (above) serves me tea and apple pie.   And there is no shortage of firewood at Pine Farms Orchard.   Below, a stack of cut apple hardwood leans against the porch, ready for the stove, in the cafe and bakery.   

One of four hardy pruners is seen above on a chilly, early-March morning preparing the minature, espaliered apple trees for spring.  Below is Costello, one of two Muscovy Ducks, named Elvis and Costello, that have the run of Pine Farms Orchard, year-around, in any weather.   Pine Farms Orchard is found on the north side of King's 16th Sidreoad, halfway between Jane and Keele Streets, five minutes north of King City.   

Photos by Barry Wallace 

150 years ago, the Pine Farms Orchard property was under the dual ownership of individuals named Mulhollen and Henry.   An 1860 Tremaine map of King Township shows that Mulhollen and Henry owned five farms, totalling 475 acres, on both sides of Keele Street and north and south of the 16th Sideroad.   Their farm on the south-west corner of Keele and the 16th had a steam saw mill and it seems to me that 475 acres of mid-19th century, King Township, ridge-land forests probably kept the saw mill going for many years. 
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Barry Wallace

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