Sunday, March 18, 2012

Village doubling its size...overnight!

Photos by Barry Wallace

King City is well on its way from the current population of just under 5,000 to the 10,000 that will call the village home by 2016, maybe by 2014.   Four building companies are now building either houses or condos adjacent to existing parts of the village.   A fifth development, west of the village,  adjacent to the hamlet of Kinghorn and abutting the township museum property is near to breaking ground.   A special arrangement for this site will see the developer refurbish and add on some additional square footage to the existing museum for a new-home presentation centre.   Once the developer has ended its use of the presentation centre, the museum regains full use of its upgraded building and the new additional space, at no cost to the township of King.   The King City story is being duplicated in Nobleton where similar development numbers are under way.

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Barry Wallace

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