Friday, March 2, 2012

My favourite church to photograph

Photos by Barry Wallace

St. Mary's Catholic Church ~ Nobleton

I have taken many photographs of many churches in King Township over the years.   My favourite one to photograph is the old St. Mary's Catholic Church on King's 10th Concession, north-west of the village of Nobleton.   I readily admit that the old driving shed adjacent to the church is part of the attraction. It lends both historical perspective and photographic interest.   When I stand under the shed roof, not moving, and imagining, I can hear the stamping of hooves, the swishing of tails, the rattle of harness and the occasional low throaty whinnying of tethered horses.   The church itself is a simple but charming red brick structure, perched up on a rise of ground and surrounded on three sides by gravestones.   It was built of wood timbers in the fall of 1855 and was bricked over late in the century.   On July 13, 1913, the wooden horse and carriage shed burned down during mass ( a carelessly discarded cigarette, perhaps?).   It was replaced by the concrete and metal roof driving shed seen today.   Almost two dozen historic King Township churches were built in the  1800s, more than half of them in the two decades between 1840 and 1860.   It seems likely  this period coincided with the mature pioneer communities which measured part of their success and wealth, by the substantiality of their places of worship. Everything about this church and its grounds exudes yesteryear.   In the spring and summer it's one of my favourite spots to listen for Meadowlarks.

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Barry Wallace

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