Thursday, March 8, 2012

Photos from Sir Henry Pellatt's Lake Marie

Photo by General Henri Alexandre Panet
These old photos of Sir Henry Pellatt and his country home and farm, at Lake Marie, in King Township, are from the Toronto Public Library's Special Collections.   I had never seen these photos before.   They are readily available 'online' but I thought I would share them here with others who may not have run across them before also.   The photos were taken in 1922 at a special event to which Canadian Prime Minister William Lyon Mackenzie King had been invited.   The festivities included a presentation by the Royal Canadian Dragoons Circus.   The photo above includes, left to right, R.S.Timmis, Judge Ward, Lady Pellatt, Sir Henry, Mrs. Panet (wife of the photographer, General Panet) and Miss Walton.   Below, Lady Pellatt is flanked by Prime Minister King, on her right, and by her husband, Sir Henry, on her left.

Photos of the Royal Canadian Dragoons Circus by Reginald Symonds Timmis

The Royal Canadian Dragoons Circus was an assemblage of military horsemen who entertained military and public audiences with their circus-like equestrian skills.   They are seen in the photos above at Lake Marie (now Marylake Augustinian Monastery) in 1922, before a large throng that included Canada's prime minister.   In the bottom photo above, the Pellatt country estate home rises on the hill on the eastern shore of Lake Marie, where today the Our Lady of Grace Shrine, pictured below, now stands.

Photo by Barry Wallace
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Barry Wallace

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