Monday, February 16, 2015

-27C...coldest day of the year

I was out and about on Sunday morning looking for things to photograph in King Township. It was the coldest morning of the winter so far.   However, neither man or beast presented himself or itself, except for those driving in their warm vehicles.   My mission seemed somewhat doomed, so I did the next best thing.   I headed for the Pine Farms Orchard Cafe where I bought a half dozen Royal Gala Apples, plus a raspberry and coconut tart, and a black coffee.   I took a seat next to the old Renfrew wood stove and tucked into my treat.   The young staff at Pine Farms proceeded to fire up the Renfrew and a young lady went about getting it going.   As she loaded firewood into the stove, I remembered my maternal grandmother doing the very same thing with her wood stove on the farm, back in the 1950s. During all the times I was visitor in my grandparents' farmhouse, including the one whole year that I lived there, I do not remember my grandfather stoking or tending the stove, or filling up the firewood box.   While I believe Grampa Sid split most of the firewood in back shed, Grandma Alice split her own kindling.   As I watched the stove preparations at Pine Farms, and not having taken any pictures so far, I decided I would take a selfie ("Oh vanity of vanities").   I then decided to take a couple of shots of the activity around the stove, before moving on.

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  1. Those nice memories surely have made you feel warm and cozy.

  2. Easy on those tarts!.............kidding Bro..