Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Family Day Winterfest at Cold Creek

Photos by Barry Wallace
Winterfest was held on Family Day at Cold Creek Conservation Area, on the 11th of King and one of the perennial favourite activities was the horse-drawn wagon rides in the snow.   The horses, a mother and daughter team from Bradford, named Chase and Bailey, provided the rides on a very cold day.   Two of three gentlemen, taking turns driving the team of horses, are pictured below.   They were dressed for the chilly temperatures and smiling as they posed for me, but one can tell from their rosy cheeks it was bitterly cold.

After I took the photo immediately above, I checked the shot to make sure is was okay and found myself thinking It was a little hazy or out of focus, then I realized Chase and Bailey were exhaling warm steamy breath into the bitter air, and yes, that's an icicle on a cold upper lip.   Despite the daunting deep-freeze, many families were in attendance and probably kept warm with the hot chili.   Thank goodness for a bright sunny day.
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  1. A lovely picture of the girls braving this extreme weather, I'm afraid we stayed in and kept warm!