Sunday, February 22, 2015

New moon rising

 Photos by Barry Wallace

Just before 7 p.m. on Friday evening, I went outside to retrieve my camera bag from my Jeep and to put said Jeep in the garage.   I glanced up above the garage and noticed a sliver of the new moon glowing in the black sky.   Just to the left of the moon's image was a bright and distant star behind the moon, and ever so faintly beyond that, another incredibly distant and faint squiggle of light.   On an impulse, I pulled out my camera and took a couple of quick shots of the distant scene.   The 300 mm lens was on the camera and I made a futile attempt to hold the camera steady.   I expected little but was still intrigued a little with the resulting dancing images.   It was too bitterly cold for another shot.   Don't ask me where that red sky came from.   Even though I have a Nikon, I haven't a clue how it works.   I just point it and press the shutter.
Please comment if you wish.
Barry Wallace   


  1. Almost look like an abstract painting, perhaps it's to do with our weather pattern

  2. Gorgeous. I went for a run the first time in months Friday night just on the tail end of dusk. The sight of that moon and star floored me for a moment. Made me determined to go running again despite the temperature.

  3. The red sky is a mystery, I also use Nikon, and it's very true to colour.
    Like the picture though, abstraction through the camera lens!

  4. Nice to have shared the moment with you Bigwom, ever though we're hundreds of kilometres apart.

  5. Isn't it lovely that surprises and mysteries exist? Nice photos.


  6. Yikes!!!!!!!..........The face of God?