Monday, February 9, 2015

Waking the dog at Cold Creek

I dropped in at Cold Creek Conservation area on Saturday and ran into Geoff Simpson, a regular at the location.   Not only does Geoff Simpson volunteer at Cold Creek Conservation Area, on the 11th of King Township, but he leases a residence on the property and walks Marley the dog there also.   Geoff is a busy volunteer and has served several local organizations over the years, including Arts Society King, the McMichael Art Gallery, the Humber Valley Heritage Trail Trail Association, as well as Cold Creek and other causes.   He has his own consulting business also...a busy fellow, indeed.   Below is a photo showing some recent restoration work on the Cold Creek barn, notable for its English Wheat Barn design and American Swing Beam...definitely a landmark worth preserving.   
Photos By Barry Wallace
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Barry Wallace

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  1. Brrrrrrrr it looks really COLD at COLD Creek, but never the less it is fun.