Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Snow drifts ~ winter's calling cards

Photos by Barry Wallace
Well, drifting snow has finally made its presence felt.   Some drifts remain as the wind sculpted them and boast of graceful forms.   Others have been beaten back by the snowploughs and are as high as two metres in places.   The snowy masses shown here are all located on the north side of the 15th Sideroad, between the 7th Concession and Weston Road.   It is a stretch of road about two kilometres south of one of the King Ridge's highest points.   Winds and snow coming over the ridge have a stretch of open fields to gather mass and momentum to throw at snow fences and wild hedgerows.

Even collapsed drifts (above) have somewhat graceful forms as the wind continues to smooth their edges.   Below, a mailbox makes a last stand before the next snowfall  or a snowplough that will probably bury it completely.   On other roads, around and about, I noticed a couple of mailboxes that had been wrenched from their posts by passing ploughs, meaning other delivery arrangements would have to be made.   February, the shortest month, is starting to posing some tall challenges.

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Barry Wallace

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