Friday, February 20, 2015

Paintings by King's Babs & John Bradbury

 Ty - Painting by Babs Bradbury
 Schomberg Fair ~ Painting by John Bradbury                                      
                                                                                                 Nude ~ Painting by John Bradbury

 Irises ~ Painting by John Bradbury

                                                                                   Fall Colours - Painting by John Bradbury

Two of the frequent viewers of this blogsite are Babs and John Bradbury of Schomberg.   They are avid painters and photographers.   They also visit and recommend many, many blogsites other than mine.   Plus they have their own blogsite where you can view lots of their charming oil paintings.   I quickly selected five paintings from their blogsite, that caught my eye, to feature here.   You can see many more at   Their style, colours, soft focus and subject matter leave me with a warm, satiated calm.   Visitors to Sheena's Kitchen, on Main Street in Schomberg can see some of the Bradburys' art there also.
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Barry Wallace


  1. Thank you Barry, made our day did this Blog!
    It's nice to see our work through another's eye!

  2. Babs, you've captured perfectly that woeful doggy look. John, lovely use of colour. Great work from you both x