Thursday, February 19, 2015

Icicles ~ winter's decorous touch

Photos by Barry Wallace

These two King Township houses, which are located near to each other on the 16th Sideroad, are fine examples of the Gothic Revival style of the Victorian age.   Both have been recently decorated with masses of icicles hanging from their gable roofs.   It is my personal feeling that this style of architecture, adorned with hanging, tapering pointers of ice, were made for each other.   I know that icicles can be quite impressive and lovely in many other applications, but for me it is old, winter-time, Ontario farmhouses with icicles that seem made for each other.   I think it is because icicles, although they intrude without invitation, do nothing more than evince and evoke the welcoming warmth of bricks, with their various ochrous colours, or the soft, pastoral tints of painted wood.
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Barry Wallace

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