Wednesday, June 13, 2012

New King City railway underpass

Photo by Barry Wallace
A GoTrain passes over the new railway underpass north of the new King's Ridge subdivision, just east of the library, on the King Road.   The underpass connects Dennison Drive, north of the rail line and the new subdivision's Alex Campbell Crescent.   The underpass is split by a pedestrian walkway and a watercourse which drains into another small stream that parallels the rail track and flows under the pedestrian boardwalk, in the foreground of the picture.   Lighting for the underpass is provided by power from two wind turbines and three solar panels mounted on lampposts, either side of the tracks.   Probably an expensive installation, this infrastructure is one of the most important connections in providing King City with a contiguous walking trail system that can encircle the village.
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Barry Wallace

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